What is Chowcation?

Founded in 2015, Chowcation is a website on a mission to highlight traditional local dishes, drinks, and food products around the world, and where to find them. If you are like us, your goal in life is to travel and eat your way around the world, so we hope our recommendations will leave you eager to plan your next culinary adventure.

This idea was born from realizing that when planning our next vacation we spent hours and hours of research finding local dishes and restaurants to try. So we wanted to create a website that would help people save time. Basically we are doing the research for you!

Meet the team

The Chowcation team is made up of three globetrotting foodies that have eaten their way through more than 30 countries and 100 cities.

Born in Canada, Peter has lived in Montreal, driven a motorcycle across Spain, frozen while ice fishing in Quebec City, and has been Izakaya bar hopping in Japan. The fun doesn't stop here. Travel eat repeat!
Born and raised in Montreal Canada, Andrea got married on a beach in Turks and Caicos, toured wineries in Tuscany, visited an elephant sanctuary in India, and enjoyed street food in Thailand.
Born in Zimbabwe, Chido lived in Australia and England before settling in Montreal. Chido's travel highlights include enjoying local cuisine in Mongolia, sipping cocktails on the beach in Fiji and swimming with dolphins in Zanzibar.

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