Alfajor (dulce de leche shortbread cookie)

What is Alfajor?

Alfajor is a delicious shortbread-like biscuit consisting of two round biscuits joined together by dulce de leche. The traditional alfajor is then covered with powder sugar adding to its finger licking goodness. These days local kiosks offer over 40 different types of alfajores.

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Alfajores in Buenos Aires that won't disappoint


Havanna Cafe

Havanna is widely considered as the best alfajor offering in Buenos Aires.The Havanna locales offer a wide range of alfajores including dulce de leche, chocolate and meringue. There are a number of Havanna locales across Buenos Aires so if you can’t make it to Mar Del Plata be sure to look on their website for a list of their other locations.

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