Chiko Roll

What are Chiko Rolls?

If you want to try a true deep fried Aussie treat, a Chiko Roll should be on your bucket-list. Chiko Rolls are an Australian food icon inspired by spring rolls or egg rolls. They are deep fried fast-food roll filled with ingredients like  mutton, barley, cabbage, carrot and celery. Chiko rolls are widely available local fish and chip shops, some fast food stores. These rolls make a perfect snack when you are on the run and can’t sit for a meal.

Where to enjoy a Chiko Roll in Australia

Daisy's Milkbar

Daisy's Milkbar

Daisy’s milkbar provides a modern-day take on a classic Aussie milkbar. It really brings to life the charm of an old school local diner. Daisy’s menu like the traditional diners offers menu favorites such as hearty all day breakfasts, thick milkshakes, and delicious ice-cream sundaes.

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