kangaroo meat

What is kangaroo meat?

If you are after a truly Australian culinary experience then roll up your sleeves and tuck into some Kangaroo meat. Kangaroos are animals indigenous to Australia. Historically, Kangaroo meat was a common source of protein for Indigenous Australians. Kangaroo meat has low fat content, is more gamey and tough in comparison to beef. Today, Kangaroo meat is available in Supermarkets and is featured on some restaurant menus.

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Where to eat Kangaroo meat in Australia

The Meat & Wine Co Circular Quay

Meat and wine co circular quay

True to its name, Meat and wine co is all things meat and all things vino. Its celebration of Africa merges perfectly with its Australian setting. The menu has a wonderful selection of steaks, ribs and delicious sides. There are a number of Meat and wine co locations in Sydney so visit whichever is closest to you.

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