Montreal-Style BBQ Chicken

What is Montreal-Style BBQ Chicken?

Quebec BBQ chicken dinner, invented in Montreal, consists of roasted chicken parts, thin peppery dipping sauce, French fries, vinegary coleslaw and a hamburger bun. Most of the current notable Montreal chicken joints opened up between the mid-1930s and early 1950s.

Where to eat Montreal-Style BBQ Chicken

Chalet Bar-B-Q

Rôtisserie Le Chalet Bar-B-Q Chicken

Chalet BBQ is a Montreal classic serving wood-fired, slow-cooked BBQ chicken since 1944. The restaurant has not changed much since 1944 so if you are looking for a casual diner with really good food, this is it.

Rôtisserie St-Hubert

Rôtisserie St-Hubert Montreal BBQ chiken

St-Hubert BBQ is a chain of casual dining restaurants best known for its rotisserie chicken, however it’s menu has many other choices. St-Hubert’s first restaurant was in Montreal, but now has a presence throughout eastern Canada.

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