Pâté Chinois shepherd's meat pie

What is Pate Chinois?

Pate chinois is a traditional Quebecois dish that consists of a base of ground beef, layered with canned corn and topped with and mashed potatoes. Although pate chinois translates to “Chinese pie”,it is not a Chinese recipe. The origin of pate chinois is unknown however, one possible explanation for the Chinese reference is that it was prepared cooks of Chinese descent for the Canadian railway workers during the building of the North American railroads in the late 19th century. Subsequently, the Quebecois workers enjoyed the meal so much they brought it home and thus coined it pate chinois.

How to eat Pate chinois?

Pate chinois is sometimes served with pickled eggs or beets. It can also be enjoyed with ketchup.

Where to eat Pate chinois in Montreal

1. La Binerie Mont-Royal

la binerie mont royal

La Binerie is a lunch counter-serve restaurant offering Quebec favorites such as baked beans, pate chinois, pouding chômeur, tourtière, and tarte au sucre.

2. Mache


Located on St Denis, Mache is a restaurant which serves Québécois comfort eats like poutine, pate chinois as well as other hearty dishes such as burgers and grilled cheese. Mâche offers a few varieties of pate chinois including le porc (with pulled pork) and a vegetarian pate chinois.


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