Croissant Pastry

What is Croissant?

A croissant is a buttery, flaky, pastry with a crescent shape. Austria is the actual birthplace of the croissant, but has been a staple in French bakeries since the 1920s when bakers perfected the shape and recipe of the croissant. They can be found at most pâtisseries (bakeries) in France and are usually eaten for breakfast.

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Best Croissant in Paris

1. Du Pain et Des Idées

Du pain et des idees

Du Pain et Des Idées is worth crossing town for and waiting in a line that most likely extends around the block. They are known for their perfect croissants, apple turnovers, escargot-shaped pastries filled with chocolate and pistachio, and their Pain des Amis, (a rectangular wood-fired loaf).

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