Crostata di Ricotta Roman cheesecake tart

What is Crostata di Ricotta?

Crostata di ricotta is the Roman version of cheesecake, which is a baked tart filled with sweetened ricotta cheese. It is typically flavored with lemons or oranges, Marsala wine and sometimes cocoa or raisins. This style of cheesecake is a lot lighter than cheesecake made from cream cheese, it will melt in your mouth.

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Best Crostata di Ricotta in Rome

Pasticceria Boccione

Pasticceria Boccione

Boccione is a Jewish bakery in the heart of the Ghetto where the pastries usually sell out by late morning. Must tries include their crostata di ricotta (three flavors: ricotta and chocolate, ricotta and wild cherry, and almond paste and wild cherry), pizza ebraica (fruit cake), and the almond biscotti.

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