Filetti di Baccala fried salted cod

What is Filetti di Baccalà?

Every region in Italy has a different way of preparing Baccala, and in Rome it is Filetti di baccalà which is delicious battered and deep-fried fillets of salt cod. Salted cod dates back to medieval times and the earliest methods of preserving food under salt. This dish is typically eaten on Fridays, the traditional day to eat fish in Rome. Baccalà is also a traditional Christmas Eve favorite in Italy.

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Best Filetti di Baccala in Rome

Dar Filettaro

Dar Filettaro

Dar Filettaro is a hole-in-the-wall serving up the fish since the 1950s. They specialize in Filetti di Baccala (fried cod) and if you want to eat like a local order the acciughe con burro (anchovies with butter), to start.

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