Saltimbocca alla Romana veal wrapped prosciutto and sage

What is Saltimbocca alla Romana?

Saltimbocca alla Romana is Roman-style veal topped with prosciutto and sage, and cooked in white wine, and butter. The word “saltimbocca” literally translates to “jump in your mouth”, which is an attestation to how good this dish is. If you like meat, this one is a must try when in Rome, and it can be found in most restaurants.

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Best Saltimbocca alla Romana in Rome

Hostaria Romana

Hostaria Romana

Hostaria Romana is a busy bistro, where the tables are crammed together in an old-school setting. Since the menu specializes in simple traditional dishes, it is a good place to try dishes like saltimbocca alla romana, or bucatini all’amatriciana. Reservations are a must.

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