Trippa alla Romana tripe in spicy tomato sauce

What is Trippa alla Romana?

Trippa alla romana stems from Italy’s peasant cuisine which often uses offal (parts of an animal that normally would have been thrown out) as the main ingredient. Tripe might not sound very appealing to everyone, but when prepared Roman-Style in a spicy tomato sauce, topped with wild mint and pecorino cheese, one bite might forever change your mind about tripe. This dish is a local favorite and is traditionally eaten on Saturdays in Rome, but these days you can find it every day on a traditional trattoria menu.

Best Trippa alla Romana in Rome

Mordi & Vai

Mordi & Vai

Mordi & Vai is located in the Testaccio Market (stall 15) and is the place to go at lunchtime. The locals love to come to this stall for the trippa and the sandwiches.

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