Mutura Kenyan blood sausage

What is Mutura?

Mutura is a Kenyan sausage consisting of meat, blood and various spices stuffed into a goat or cow intestine and grilled. Mutura is usually made with goat meat and goat blood but there is other versions including a beef version. It is rich is protein and is a popular street food snack after a night out. It is usually served with kachumbari (tomato and onion salad).

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Mutura in Nairobi that won't disappoint

Amaica Restaurant


Amaica is an African themed restaurant located in the heart of Westlands. A visit to Amaica promises leave you planning your next trip as the food is exquisite. Before to sit on the outside patio and reservation are not necessary as they have plenty of space indoors and outdoors.

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