Dawa Kenyan cocktail

What is Dawa?

Dawa is a delicious Kenyan cocktail made from a mixture of vodka, lime juice and honey. Dawa is garnished with a slice of fresh lime and a “Dawa stick” to stir the cocktail. Dawa means medicine in Swahili, this cocktail is alleged to cure any ailment. Dawa was popularized by Carnivore restaurant and is now a cocktail menu favorite across Nairobi.

Best Dawa in Nairobi

Carnivore Restaurant

carnivore restaurant

Carnivore is a popular Nairobi restaurant that specializes in meat. It is famed for its large range of game and exotic meat that make it a meat lovers paradise. In addition, Carnivore was also one of the first establishments in Nairobi to start serving Dawa, the delicious Kenyan cocktail. Be sure to make reservations as Carnivore is a Nairobi hot spot.

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