Tusker Beer

What is Tusker Beer?

Tusker is a Kenyan pale lager made from locally grown malt barley. Tusker is best served chilled. It is the pride of Kenya and as such is available at most supermarkets, corner stores and restaurants. Tusker is so popular that it was listed second by Time.com on the list of “Top 10 things to do in Nairobi”.

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Where to enjoy a Tusker in Nairobi

Tusker Lite Sky Bar

tusker lite sky bar

Located on the eleventh floor of the Tune Hotel in Westlands, Tusker Lite Sky Bar is a rooftop with amazing views. Its a lively bar that has regular live music and quiz nights. Although Tusker is available at most bars, restaurants and supermarkets in Nairobi, why not try it at the official Tusker Lite Sky Bar while taking in the beautiful sunset views.

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