Churro fried dough pastry

What is a Churro?

A churro is long tube shaped, deep-fried dough, that is sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Churros are usually dunked into a hot cup of chocolate or they can be filled with dulce de leche, cajeta, chocolate or vanilla. The churro originated in Spain, but can be found in cafes or sold in paper bags by street vendors all over Mexico City. They are traditionally eaten for breakfast although people eat them throughout the day as a snack.

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Best Churros in Mexico City

1. El Moro

El Moro

El Moro is Mexico City’s best churrería for 24/7 Churros and hot chocolate. There are five locations, but the original location in the Centro Histórico which is the one to visit. The Churros are meant to be dipped in one of the eight types of hot chocolate. Try either the chocolate especial, the least sweet dip, or chocolate Mexicano, which is the lightest.

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