Mole chocolate based sauce

What is Mole?

Mole is a sauce that usually contains chili peppers, chocolate, sesame seeds, tomatoes, cinnamon and could include many other ingredients. It is traditionally served with turkey, but it is also served with chicken, pork, or other meats. Mexicans eat Mole for breakfast, lunch, dinner and especially at major celebrations.

The states with the best known moles are Puebla and Oaxaca, but other regions in Mexico also make different types of mole sauces. The exact origins of this dish are a mystery, but many would agree Mole is theĀ “national dish” of Mexico.

Best Mole in Mexico City

1. Restaurante El Cardenal

Restaurante El Cardenal

El Cardenal has been one of the best Mexican restaurants in Centro since it was founded in 1969. They are known for having one of the best moles in Mexico City. The restaurant is always packed, so make sure you have reservations, even for lunch.

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