Tamale food staple for Mexicans

What is a Tamale?

Tamales are packets of masa (corn dough), wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves, and steamed The wrapping is discarded before eating. In addition to masa, Tamales can also be filled with cheeses, meats, vegetables, beans, fruits, chilies or anything else. They are traditionally served with Atole, which is a masa drink. Tamales are traditionally a Christmas dish in Mexico but you can enjoy delicious tamales any time of the year.

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Where to eat Tamales in Mexico City

1. Tamales Doña Emi

Tamales Doña Emi

Dona Emi’s is a fourth generation family owned street stall/restaurant. They serve two sizes of tamales, both sweet and savory, and steaming cups of atole. Don’t bother going if you’re not there before 10am, because although they close at noon, they often sell out of those delicious tamales.

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