Tequila alcoholic drink

What is Tequila?

Tequila is a type of alcoholic beverage made from the blue agave plant. There are over 100 distilleries that make over 900 brands of tequila in Mexico. Tequila was first produced in the 16th century near the city of Tequila.

Tequila is commonly served neat in Mexico in a narrow shot glass called a caballito, while the rest of the world has shots of tequila with salt and lime. An array of cocktails are made with tequila, including the Margarita, Paloma, Tequila Sunrise, the Matador, and the Tequila Slammer.

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Best Mexico City Tequila bar

1. Salon Tenampa

Salon Tenampa

Since 1925, locals and tourists have been flocking to one of the most revered drinking halls in the city. At Tenampa there is an extensive list of tequilas from all over the country and mariachi bands to make a visit here an amazingly fun night.

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