Fiordland Crayfish (rock lobster)

What is Crayfish?

Crayfish or rock lobster are freshwater crustaceans that are common in New Zealand. As their name suggest, Fiordland Crayfish are sourced Fiordland in the South-western corner of the South Island of New Zealand. In Queenstown, Fiordland Crayfish are commonly found on restaurant menus. Although Kaikoura is regarded as the ‘crayfish capital’ of New Zealand, Fiordland crayfish are equally as delicious.

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Best Fiordland Crayfish in Queenstown

Fishbone Bar & Grill

fishbone bar grill

Acclaimed as the best seafood restaurant in Queenstown by the Lonely Planet, Fishbone Bar and Grill is known for its fresh tasty, local seafood. This Queenstown mainstay has been around for 25 years and prides itself on selling fresh fish direct from the boat.

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