Boerewors South African sausage

What is Boerewors?

Boerewors is a type of sausage which originated in South Africa and is popular in other Southern African countries. It is made from coarsely minced beef and mix of spices such as toasted coriander seed and black pepper. The name is derived from the Afrikaans words boer and wors. Boerewors is often grilled over a ‘braai’ and served with pap. Boerewors is available at cooked usually at braai spots and you can buy it raw from the supermarket to prepare at home.

The traditional way to eat boerewors

Boerewors is often served hot straight of the ‘braai'(outdoor grill). It is cut into pieces and enjoyed with a side of pap (traditional South African polenta made from maize flour) and chakalaka (a spicy vegetable relish).

Where to eat boerewors in Cape Town

The Hussar Grill Mouille Point

Hussar Grill

First established in 1964 in Rondebosch, Hussar Grill is regarded as one of South Africa’s premier grill restaurants. It serves the finest quality beef and game meat supplied by local butchers and game farmers. The location at Mouille Point also offers beautiful sunset views on the promenade.

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