mopane worms

What are Mopane worms?

If you are up for a culinary adventure then Mopane worms are just for you. Mopane worms are large edible caterpillars native to parts of Southern Africa. Dried mopane worms can be enjoyed as a crispy snack. The worms derive their name from the fact that they are known to feed on Mopane tree leaves. This Southern African delicacy is definitely worth a try.

Best place to try Mopane worms in Cape Town

Moyo Kirstenbosch

moyo kirstenbosch

Moyo Kirstenbocsh is situated at the foot of Table Mountain in one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in South Africa. Moyo offers delicious South African delicacies in a sophisticated garden setting. We highly recommended that you take a walk around the scenic botanical gardens during visit to this establishment.

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