New York Strip Steak

What is a New York Strip Steak?

The New York strip steak, also known as Kansas City strip steak, a top sirloin steak, or a porterhouse, comes from the cow’s short loin, which is located on the upper back of the animal. Strip steaks are moderately tender, but still have a bit of chew which makes it a favorite of steakhouses.

The term New York Strip Steak comes from its association with Delmonico’s Restaurant opened in Manhattan in 1837. One of their signature dishes was a cut from the short loin that was called a Delmonico steak.

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Where to eat NY strip steak in New York City

1. Delmonico’s

Delmonico’s Restaurant

Delmonico’s opened in 1837 and was the first fine dining restaurant to open in New York City. The restaurant is credited as the inventor of dishes like Delmonico’s steak (rib-eye or New York strip steak), lobster Newburg, eggs Benedict, and baked Alaska.

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